Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dragon Ball Steezy

So Yesterday while looking through all the plunder of Value Village I can across two Dragon Ball Z bandannas which I Snatched up quick. I don't know about you but I was hella stoked on this really crappy anime show when I was like 10 my mom can confirm this through memories of me begging for action figures that shot bit of glow in the dark plastic. So back to the bandannas, I have finished making one with photos below after the Jump. They are 100% cotton on the outside, then a layer of Bandfield gor-tex, followed by a layer of thin Merino wool to finish this wind/water proof bandanna. The tie-arms are made of the gor-tex as well. So ya here's my Dragon Ball Steezy Bandanna, Oh and sorry about the shitty quality photos all I have is my cellphone at the moment.  

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